Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Rapidly Changing Household

It's time for another Sim update!!! This family is evolving QUICK. Things are changing, and our core sims have to adapt (some are doing better than others). Let's take a look!

Latress and Kevin's romance continues to blossom.

Their 1st kiss. :)

They really like eachother.

Latress playing with Beatrice Dudley.

Her eyes. HAHAHA. Don't scare the baby Latress!

Can't get enough of eachother.

Beatrice Dudley is a toddler now! We threw her a little party, but there weren't any good pics.

Just like in real life, Baiesha's kids are bothering her while she sleeps. HAHA

Stray dog sleeping in our backyard. Don't tell Carisha, she might adopt him!

Potty training time.

Well look who showed up. Ghost Lexie. She made the baby cry. #ScaredOfGhostsLikeHerMom

No pictures of their first woo-hoo, but this was the end of it. Awww, they're both sleeping in the same bed.

Aaaaaaand we're preggers!!!
Look who came for another visit.

Carisha was very happy. You don't see that everyday. 

Making some new friends.

More new friends.

They look good together.

Carisha was having a nice day. Again, that's super rare for her.

Beatrice got dirty playing in the toilet. #PoopWater

Listen Carisha, just give it up. Kevin is a taken.

Bath time with mommy.

More potty training with auntie Latress.

Everybody loves this little girl.

Look at Beth! HAHA.

Rafael has aged up. He is now an elder.

Baiesha doesn't seem to mind though. ;)

Poor Beth, this is the 2nd time Beatrice makes a mess in her room.

Latress cleaning - what else is new?

Bedtime story with Kevin. Aww, he's practicing.

Spotted: Baby bump!

Carisha trying to lose some weight.

...is she checking out B's ass? 

Some solo dancing.

Three's company, Carisha!

Peepee walk, lol.

Look, it's our friend.

Hmmm, there may be something going on between these two...

Time for another woo-hoo adventure with Baiesha!

In the bushes, really?

That was interesting.

Rafael definitely enjoyed it. LOL

Looks like he's trying to do it again. HAHAHAHA

But Baiesha had to go, cuz she needed a bathroom. 

I feel like this is a good stopping point on our update. A lot more changes are on the verizon. People are starting to get old, which means more people will start to die. Stay tuned!

Friday, July 13, 2018

An Eventful Couple Of (Sim) Days...

When I say a lot has happened in game, I mean it! Let's just jump right into the update. WARNING: There's A LOT of pictures...

Beth gained some weight. She wanted to lose it, so we did a lot of jogging.

Baiesha walking Lexie.

She got bored quickly. LOL

Carisha asleep in the hot tub. I don't understand why everyone likes to nap here.

Morning sickness. The toilet was broken, so water was splashing on her. Ewww poop water!

Latress' knife skills are pretty impressive.

Out blossoming romance. Finally, Kevin has decided on someone.

Look at the way he looks at her...and look at HER. HAHAHAHA

So sweet!

She loves it!
At the geek con - playing some games.

She is into it.

Baiesha home from work. She's showing! And she's tired.

VERY tired. (Side note: Do you see her mouth? Doesn't it look like there's like an invisible d**k in her mouth? HAHAHA)

Aaaand she's out.

Kevin just HAD to go to the gym - in the middle of a blizzard.

He's happy though.

Look at him making friends.

And then he took a shower and didn't put his clothes back on. Decided to go home, and slipped on some ice.

Yeah, it hurts.

Oh you cold? Sabes que? That's what you get for being out in a blizzard with just a towel on.

Hehe, it looks like he's covering his nipples. HAHAHA

Lexie got sick. :(

Latress took her to the vet, and they fixed her right up! :)

At another geek con. Looks like Nina Caliente isn't happy that Kevin is with Latress now. Listen girl, you HAD your chance. Carisha didn't seem too happy about it either. LOL

Oh, Karaoke time with Latress!

Not sure why Kevin is sad (maybe cuz he wanted to sing a duet?) but look at Latress rocking out!

Carisha is not amused.

More hot tub napping.

Sometimes Carisha likes to get creative. She's not bad.

Cleaning/fixing day!

Beth and Latress do like 90% of all the cleaning and maintenance around the house.

Latress doing what she does best. Oh wait, not napping! LOL. COOKING.


Look at her bellyyyyyy!

Christmas Breakfast! The outside of the house was decorated, but the inside was too small for a tree. And with the baby due any day now, it was best to save our simoleons.

Sorry Beth, I hadn't realized there was meat in the meal. You were NOT happy about that. #VegetarianWoes

Carisha rummaging through other people's trash. SMH.

Loooook, Kevin got Latress a Christmas present.

Snow Angel. Don't know how she's getting back up.

Beth and Carisha building a snowman. 

They make a good team.

Here we go. The moment that sealed their fates together.

There is no one else for Kevin.

Just Latress.

She slipped on some ice, but didn't fall. WTG!

Kevin is on cloud nine right now. Carisha is definitely NOT. HAHAHA.

I don't know. I wouldn't want her behind me looking at me that way. Eeek!

Christmas night. Carisha's dog dies of old age. :'(

Santa came over at that moment and saw what was happening.

I'm sorry Carisha.

She can't catch a break.

You can see the tears falling in front of her. :'''(

Even Rafael was crying!

Carisha was upset. So she beat up Santa....

...well she tried, anyway.

It didn't end well for her. He's old, but tough.

I'm assuming Santa is telling Latress about getting attacked. LOL.

Aaaand shortly after that, Baiesha went into labor. What a Christmas!

And our friend Abigail is the doctor.

...so Abigail accidentally took B's heart. So she died momentarily. But she put it right back!

And Baiesha welcomed a beautiful baby girl. 

Beatrice Dudley

Of course Beth was all over the baby.

Great thing about this is that we have A LOT of free babysitters. :)

Time to lose the baby weight.

Carisha also gained weight (watching everyone around her die is stressful), so she hit the gym too.

And  then this creeper came and ruined everything.

Look how sad she is.

And now she dropped the whole pepper shaker in the food. She's very unlucky.

A little date night with the boyfriend, Rafael.

She likes him.

This was actually the end of winter for the most part. We just have new years to get through and then it'll be spring. Stay tuned for what happens next.